About Us

InnovateDM (Innovate Digital Marketing), the performance marketing arm of InnovateMR, is an emerging, digital marketplace that is led by our pay-per-performance affiliate network and driven by exclusive and high-converting offers and additional monetization solutions.

What We Do

InnovateDM specializes in market research panel recruitment, media buying , digital advertising/ strategy. We focus on performance based digital advertising that drives a return on investment for digital advertising brands, researchers, and marketers. Whether desktop, tablet or mobile, InnovateDM helps advertisers grow their business and publishers generate the most revenue off of their audience.

7 Reasons to Choose InnovateDM

When you join InnovateDM you gain the benefit of our experience and knowledge, as well as our resources and tools. With InnovateDM, you have access to:


Easy to use tools and platforms for accurate, real time tracking for both advertisers and publishers.


The utilization of our proprietary in-house panel campaigns for our advertisers.


Exceptional worldwide affiliate partners hand selected for our advertiser partners.


Our targeted marketing research recruitment experience transfers across verticals, from GenPop to niche.


An executive base with over 5 combined decades of experience in the digital advertising and affiliate marketing industry.


Custom tailored and dedicated support from affiliate manager for our publishers.


Significant earning potential and timely payments for our publisher partners.

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